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What can I say about my mystic lover who comes to me out of the long ago? Who keeps returning to me till I learn to recognise his undying soul? Who waits patiently for me to turn to him with the same yearning?

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Is my colour. Red has signified and defined ‘Rittu Shree’ to my friends and family for years.
Red cars, red dresses, ruby red lipstick shades, rose red accessories, fire red chairs for my first office — I’ve carried it all off with the élan and confidence of a woman comfortable in her own skin, as the expression goes…

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Riding is my other passion in life. Fast cars, racing on the road and riding pillion on bikes — often in the pouring rain — that’s me! Racing gives me an adrenalin rush that’s very hard to beat, or even replicate with any other act.

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The taste of melting chocolate in the rain; racing paper boats in puddles; riding pillion on bikes in a downpour; long walks with my sister whenever it showers; and dancing like there’s no tomorrow when the heavens open up above me...

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Rhythm is the door that leads me to one of my life’s passions — dancing!
For me, music and rhythm, and dance, are inseparable elements that guide me to my ‘zone’ and keep me there…

Rittu Shree

She loves talking to trees and believes that they talk back to her...

She will park her car near a grove of trees and flowers, watching the wind play with the leaves or raindrops creating patterns on her windscreen – for hours together…

She is passionate about everything in her life, especially dancing. Rhythm is the core of her being... Many a times you will find her dancing behind the wheel of her car...

She is a voracious reader... Her early childhood favourites were Ayn Rand and Richard Bach. Today she enjoys a Elif Shafaq, Paulo Coelho or a Mitch Albom.

Fundamentally a non-conformist, she excels in walking along paths that others won’t consider taking... 30 years ago, when it was unheard of, she would be found on her bike on the roads of Delhi at any time of day or night!

5 Elements The Leader Vastu-Numerology



Vipin Suri

Entrepreneur | Space Creattors | Gurgaon

Magic Woman who makes things happen with her expertise and love


Ashima Ahluwalia

Entrepreneur | Designer | Gurgaon

When I was stranded and going through weird things... Babaji sent you in my life. You held us strongly Didi and I felt that I had known for years. You convinced me, mummy, daddy, and the kids beautifully with your love about Vastu and scientifically proved to me that it's required. You are such a positive person, standing behind us and taking care of us. Rittu di I love you and see you as my God sent angel! Thankyou for always being there!


Ragini Rainu

Singer | Mumbai

Rittu has been a rock-solid mentor for me. She helped me design and create my life anew. She also gave me the key on how to continuously recreate my life - time and again.


Dr Aneesh Katyal

Orthodontist | AK Global Dent | Gurgaon

Rittu is utterly committed & passionate about her friends & professional colleagues alike... So if you happen to be both of them, you will be swept away by her energy & enthusiasm, by her concern for you & your well being.


Natasha Singh

Entrepreneur | The Design Story | Gurgaon

Rittu Is Magic !
Personally & Professionally
She can light up any space that she walks into! A thorough professional... a diligent listener & dedicated to finding solutions of all sorts... she can provide respite to any thing under the sky!
And I love her!


Avnish Datt

Global Head Strategy | Nucleus Software | Noida

Rittu is an embodiment of spontaneity, adventure, love & integrity. She is fun, intelligent & deeply connected with life, without being serious & significant about it. She has a light but fiercely independent touch to life. She is an engaging contradiction - her aliveness seems to come from being profoundly in touch with Life & Herself.


Krutika Rastogi

E-commerce | Blue IndiaSupply Private Limited | New Delhi

My first interaction with Rittu Shree was at a course that she led and I participated in. She created immense value for my life. From an under confident college freshman who needed to prove myself as 'good enough' I evolved into a supercharged champion in all areas of my life. Rittu Shree is impactful, effective & just amazing! She consulted my family for Vastu & the results look so good. She was completely hands on with us & made sure all our doubts were answered.


RajiMinaakshi Mahajan

Entrepreneur | Deeksha Enterprises | Delhi

When you feel you are stuck in a situation or with yourself and you want to break all the barriers, without any inhibitions approach RITTU & you are ready for the answer. She will only listen. She won’t tell you how or give you ‘gyan’. She cleared all the barriers for our own peace of mind. And now the sky is the limit for you. She’s your best friend who can do only best for you. Love you Rittu ❤


Amrit S Jain

Menswear Designer | Sprezz | Delhi

Rittu Shree is one person who truly believes in enriching lives of people around her. She is one person I count on for anything. An excellent support system, an amazing listener and a wonderful friend.
I am a person who will always respond to logic and that is exactly the reason I find comfort when talking to her.