The Leader

Rittu Shree is an expert at bringing out the best in people, and leading them to give their best performances.

The leader in Rittu Shree has worked with lakhs of people over the last two and half decades to enhance their performances and increase their effectiveness across walks of life. Her excellent people skills and expertise in leading conversations have left most with new openings and new horizons to explore. Thousands have experienced being empowered after their interactions with Rittu Shree.

In the process, she has trained herself in the various nuances of leadership. She has been successful in stepping into the world of a million others, enriching experiences with interactive and insightful tools. She inhabits a world of compassion and love, leading and guiding others along new paths that nobody else has walked down before.

Over the years, she has also led trainings, programmes and large seminars for national and global training organisations. She has trained huddle groups and coached individuals around the world as well.

Leadership, let us say, has always come naturally to Rittu Shree. Even when she had not been formally trained to lead others, she could always access the leader within herself.

Rittu Shree's latest venture is partnering Vipin Suri in creating conversations through #ADayForward. Leading conversations has always been her self-expression. At these sessions, along with Vipin Suri, she holds day-long conversations with people that leave them with new accesses and new openings for creating magic in their lives.

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Mystic Master

Magic Woman who makes things happen with her expertise and love.

Vipin Suri, entrepreneur & Rittu Shree’s co-traveller in life

Since her childhood, Rittu Shree was always drawn towards the occult sciences, feeling a natural affinity for the esoteric and mysterious. Cheiro, Linda Goodman, Tarot Cards amongst others used to line her bookshelves. As a curious teenager, she had devoured all the basic palmistry, astrology, numerology and New Age books available!

Interestingly enough, however, Rittu Shree ventured into the occult sciences as a profession quite by accident. We wouldn't like to call that happenstance, however, but a sign from the universe!

Enrolling herself into a formal course on Vastu Shastra was a life turning event. She understood that this was the future. The ability to transform people's lives by simply altering their spaces was a magical experience. Working with spaces after having worked with human beings for decades proved to be hugely empowering for her.

While studying Vastu Shastra, Rittu Shree also began to study Numerology. As with all sciences, Numerology could also be proven and repeated with the same results. Each number, she discovered, had its own vibration that could guide you towards the right path. She also discovered that how you deal with the fixed and the mutable or variable is what defines the element of change in your life.

Within a short period of three and a half years, she has harmonized more than 265 properties and spaces across seven countries – with 93% effectiveness!

A unique record indeed for any Vastu consultant!

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